Stunt Committee

ACTRA’s National Stunt Committee is comprised of ACTRA stunt performers and coordinators from across Canada.

Current Stunt Committee members include:
Eleanor Noble (Committee Chair & ACTRA National President)
Rob Hayter (BC)
Sally Bishop (AB)
Rick Skene (MB)
Mike Chute (Montreal)
Liise Keeling (Maritimes)
Glenn Redmond (Newfoundland and Labrador)

Draw from the personal experiences of Stunt Committee members to help to identify and articulate contemporary challenges. Discuss and recommend policies and initiatives that will help support the ACTRA stunt committee.

OUR WORK is the ACTRA online database exclusively for professional Stunt Performers and Stunt Coordinators. ACTRA’s Stunt Coordinators can seek out professional talent across Canada. ACTRA’s Stunt Performers listed have at least six stunt credits under their belts.