Please be advised that the reality television series, Canada’s Drag Race, Season 3, produced by: Saloon Media and Blue Ant Media is not signatory to any ACTRA Agreement and is therefore a non-union Production. ACTRA’s Constitution and By-laws prohibit union members from working on such productions.

We wish to remind you of Section 3A of the ACTRA National By-law No. 7, which provides as follows with respect to Member Conduct, Rights, Responsibilities and Discipline Process:

Members are to:
a) Work for signatories: A member must work only for an engager or producer who is a signatory to a relevant ACTRA collective agreement and consistent with the ACTRA Policy Statement respecting the engagement of ACTRA Performers (Appendix E).
b) Work for an engager in good standing: A member must work for an engager who is in good standing – i.e. has not been declared an unfair engager.

In addition, ACTRA members are reminded of the ACTRA Off-shore Productions Policy, which can be found here:

Please be advised that, as a member of ACTRA, you are not permitted to work on the reality television series, Canada’s Drag Race, Season 3. Please don’t hesitate to contact ACTRA if you have any questions.

For further details on What’s Shooting under ACTRA Toronto’s jurisdiction, please visit