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Member Resources

Since April 26, 2022 ACTRA members have been locked out from working on commercials by the Institute of Canadian Agencies (ICA) and the agencies and brands they represent. The ICA has refused to bargain fairly and is demanding concessions that would slash performer rates between 50 to 60%.

For more than 60 years the National Commercial Agreement (NCA) in Canada has guaranteed fair working conditions, benefits, and competitive pay for on-and off-camera English-language performers in commercials.

ACTRA members can only work for agencies that adhere to the NCA terms and conditions, and non-adhering agencies will not be able to use ACTRA performers on inferior non-union terms and conditions.

While casting breakdowns for a specific commercial production should highlight if the production is union, if you or your agent are unsure, please contact your ACTRA Branch directly to confirm if a production is being shot under a union contract. ACTRA members are not permitted to audition for or work on non-union commercials.

Support Resources

HAVEN Helpline is a 24/7 national, bilingual counselling and support service available to members of ACTRA (excluding UBCP/ACTRA members). UBCP/ACTRA members have access to their own support resources.

Member Bulletins

ACTRA is sending Member Bulletins with information about our National Commercial Agreement (NCA) renewal agreement. Please take a few minutes to catch up on the issues; and please do what you can to share what you learn.

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