August 21, 2023 – On Tuesday, August 22, ACTRA, the union representing performers who make commercials, will be demonstrating outside multiple Wendy’s Canada locations across the country to bring public attention to the ongoing labour boycott of union-busting brands. Wendy’s fast-food outlets are one of the major brands using an advertising agency that has locked out ACTRA members for more than 16 months.

“Wendy’s Canada is working with a union-busting advertising agency McCann who is directly damaging the wellbeing and livelihoods of thousands of ACTRA performers,” said ACTRA National President Eleanor Noble. “In an attempt to bust our union, for 16 months the ICA has shamefully refused to bargain fairly with ACTRA. We are urging consumers to take their business elsewhere.”

Wendy’s boycott rallies: Tuesday, August 22, 2023: 


WHAT:                       ACTRA Montreal rally in front of Wendy’s 

TIME:                         12pm – 2pm ET  

LOCATION:              Embargoed to accredited media

WHO:                         ACTRA members in attendance include ACTRA National President Eleanor Noble, ACTRA Montreal President Simon Peacock

 (2 locations):

WHAT:                       ACTRA Toronto rallies in front of Wendy’s

TIME:                         12pm – 2pm ET  

LOCATION 1:           Embargoed to accredited media

LOCATION 2:           Embargoed to accredited media

WHO:                         ACTRA members in attendance include ACTRA Toronto President David Gale


WHAT:                       UBCP/ACTRA rally in front of Wendy’s 

TIME:                         12pm – 2pm PT

LOCATION:              Embargoed to accredited media

WHO:                         ACTRA members in attendance include UBCP/ACTRA President Ellie Harvie

Since April 26, 2022 the Institute of Canadian Agencies (ICA) and their ad agencies locked out ACTRA performers and have failed to bargain fairly. Click here for more information on our lockout and boycott of union busting brands.

The Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists is the union representing commercial performers in Canada. The National Commercial Agreement (NCA) is the collective agreement that preserves minimum rights and protections for ACTRA performers in the commercial industry. For 60 years the NCA has guaranteed fair working conditions, benefits and competitive pay for on-and off-camera performers in commercial productions in Canada. 

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