President’s Message – August 12, 2022

Support from The AFC is available to ACTRA members

Hello ACTRA members,

Support from The AFC is available to ACTRA members across Canada who primarily work in the commercial sector and are in urgent need of financial support due to the lockout by the Institute of Canadian Agencies (ICA).

The AFC can provide short-term emergency financial assistance for essential household bills and costs, such as rent/mortgage payments, food, medication, or utilities that cannot otherwise be paid. The AFC has developed criteria to assess immediate financial need and will apply this same assessment in approving access to this new funding. Please note that The AFC does not provide compensation for lost earnings.

In recognition of the significant impact that the commercial dispute has had on ACTRA Members, ACTRA National Council approved the allocation of $100,000 in financial support to The AFC for ACTRA members who work under the National Commercial Agreement (NCA) and are experiencing hardship during the lockout. This support is offered as a proportion of The AFC’s Emergency Financial Aid available to ACTRA members due to the impact of the commercial dispute.

If you have been affected by the commercial dispute and are now in urgent financial need, I encourage you to please apply for the Emergency Financial Aid Program through The AFC at If you have questions about eligibility or the application process, please get in touch with The AFC directly. Call The AFC at 1-877-399-8392 (Toll-Free) or make an appointment at or e-mail for one-on-one assistance. Even if you are not eligible to receive emergency financial aid, The AFC is always available to help you find and connect to community and government resources in your area.

Please note that The AFC is not a crisis line. If you are in need of emergency services, HAVEN Helpline is a 24/7 national, bilingual counselling and support service available to members of ACTRA (excluding UBCP/ACTRA members). UBCP/ACTRA members have access to their own support resources.

The AFC is the lifeline for Canada’s entertainment industry: it provides emergency financial aid, helps people make a plan to address their situation, and connects people to various resources and services. Through compassionate and confidential support, The AFC helps Canadian entertainment professionals maintain their health, dignity, and ability to work.

In solidarity,
Eleanor Noble