Stunt Performers

At the request of the ACTRA Stunt Performers Committee, we created this resource to provide some specific information for stunt performers and coordinators. In addition to these tools we have now created a new position at ACTRA PRS, the Stunt Liaison. If you are a Stunt Performer and have any questions or issues please contact our Stunt Liaison ( or call our dedicated Stunt phone line at 416-644-1510. Having all stunt related queries go through one point person will  help us serve the Stunt Community more efficiently and help you find solutions faster.

Understanding your Use fee payments
Click here for a detailed explanation on the three types of Use fee compensation.

Click here to our Stunt Community Use fees webinar, presented by ACTRA PRS and UBCP/ACTRA in the summer of 2021.

Unit Calculations
Units are calculated by ACTRA PRS on a production-by-production basis for each performer. Click here for more

ACTRA PRS Service Charge
The ACTRA PRS service charge for administration of Use fee/residual and royalty payments, is detailed in the ACTRA by-laws. The service charge is currently 5% for a full member in good standing, and 25% for a person who is a non-member, an inactive member, an Apprentice member or a person who is a full member not in good standing. The service charge is applied at that time that ACTRA PRS distributes the fees. ACTRA’s membership approved these services charges in a referendum, which are essential to allow ACTRA PRS to pursue money owed to the membership.

PRS & Unclaimed Money

PRS wants to get your residuals to you without delay.  This section outlines how PRS deals with “Unclaimed Money”, which includes payments with no known address for a performer, or cheques that have not been cashed.

What is the “UCM” Account?

When residual payments are issued to performers and are returned or are undeliverable as a result of outdated performer contact or banking information, or cheques are sent but are not cashed, the funds are retained in a “Unclaimed Money” or UCM account.

Does PRS have any of your residuals in the UCM account?

If you have moved, and have not updated address information, or perhaps your agent is holding onto a cheque, or you have an old “stale-dated” cheque”, PRS is holding those funds.

PRS has a searchable “Do We Have Your Money” feature on the site for performers to see if PRS is holding money for them.  Please check it regularly!  It’s your money.

How do I get my residuals out of the UCM account? And, how long do I have to collect the monies?

Funds are held in trust until PRS can locate the performer or the performer makes contact with PRS.

As soon as you find out that PRS is holding residuals for you or someone you know, please contact ACTRA PRS at 416-489-1311 ext. 5022 or

PRS is held to strict standards by ACTRA’s Constitution (Article 10 – 1003 Fees) in handling UCMs.

What can you do to get your money on time?

  • Cash any residual cheques promptly.
  • UCMs can easily be avoided by signing up for direct deposit with ACTRA PRS.  You will receive your money faster along with a statement describing your payment sent straight to your email account. Save these statements for quick electronic transfer to your tax professional.
  • You may download the Direct Deposit Authorization form here Direct Deposit Form
  • In the event of your death, clear instructions on your wishes as to the disbursement of your residuals are important.  Your estate/beneficiaries are entitled to these payments for as long as your work is shown, worldwide.  PRS has included specific information here Estates to ensure your loved ones receive the benefit of the residuals payments you worked hard to earn.  This information is also helpful for those administering performers’ estates.

Note: It is an extremely time consuming and expensive process to administer and track UCMs which is ultimately paid for with members’ administration fees.  PRS would prefer to divert these efforts in pursuing non-compliant engagers for money they owe you.