FAQ for Members


  1. How do I contact ACTRA National?
  2. How do I contact ACTRA Branches?
  3. Who are the elected officers and councillors of ACTRA?
  4. What is ACTRA’s equality and harassment policy?
  5. Where are ACTRA’s By Laws and Constitution?

About being a member

  1. What are the different types of ACTRA membership?
  2. How do I become a member of ACTRA?
  3. Where can I find ACTRA’s collective agreements?
  4. How can I change my address?
  5. How can I pay my dues online?
  6. Where can I find information on my health and insurance benefits?
  7. Where can I find information on member discounts?
  8. My child is a performer – do you have any special information for kids in the business?
  9. Where can I learn more about Use Fees?