Reel Women Seen

A nation-wide collaborative effort by the ACTRA National Women’s Committee, Reel Women Seen takes a comedic look at how women are underrepresented in all areas of screen-based media, most notably: as protagonists; behind the scenes in creative, writing and directorial roles; and in key technical roles.While telling the stories of realities faced by women in the film and television industry, the film also shows solutions for change.

The talented crew and all-female cast include members of: ACTRA; IATSE locals 873, 891, 669 and 667; DGC BC; DGC ON; WGC; NABET; Screen Composers Guild of Canada; and Teamsters.

Image of a graphic with four polaroid-style images within, each of different film scenes. Text at the top reads "PRESENTED BY THE ACTRA NATIONAL WOMENS COMMITTEE" and beneath the images, "DIRECTED BY AMANDA TAPPING - REEL WOMEN SEEN - GET MORE WOMEN WORKING"


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This short film would not have been possible without the hard work of a large team of dedicated people. For the full list of everyone who helped make this film, visit


The following materials are available for download:
News releases: Launch; Awards (see below)
Film poster: PDF / Image (low-res)
Cast/Crew interviews


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Are you interested in organizing a screening of Reel Women Seen for your union or guild? Please feel free to stream the video directly from ACTRA’s YouTube channel. If you are unable to stream the video and require the video file, please contact Heather Allin or Daintry Dalton to be provided with a copy of the film.


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