Diversity Videos

The ACTRA National Diversity & Inclusion Committee produced its first three films in 2011/12.

The Audition (2011)

The Audition, a video about accessibility, was created by ACTRA’s Diversity Committee.
Diversity in the Workplace (2011)

Diversity in the Workplace was created by ACTRA’s Diversity Committee.
From Reality to Set (2012)

From Reality to Set, a video about diversity on set, was created by ACTRA’s Diversity Committee.

For more on this diversity video series, check out the Investing in our Diverse Future (pg. 22) article in the summer 2012 issue of ACTRA Magazine.

Reelworld Screen Institute Collaborations

Reelworld x ACTRA: e20 Table Reads

graphic that reads "calling all racially diverse actors", "emerging 20 program table reads" and "reel world" x "ACTRA" logos

The Reelworld Emerging 20 (E20) Program provides the opportunity for 20 emerging series and film writers to take part in a 3-month program to create or polish their idea into a script draft, hone their pitching skills, and develop their network.  

In July-August 2022 and for a second year in August 2023, ACTRA collaborated with the E20 program on a series of live script readings with diverse ACTRA performers from across the country, allowing the writers to hear their work read out loud by professional Canadian talent.

Reelworld x ACTRA: Protocol Guideline

Graphic that reads "#HerFrameMatters Call for Focus Group Participants", 'sign up to provide your input in our research'

Reelworld Screen Institute has launched an industry-wide research project addressing stereotypical depictions of Black, Indigenous, Asian and Women of Colour in film and TV. The project will produce a research-backed protocol guideline that will help the creatives, producers and executives in our industry to identify how various roles in the creation of content can contribute to the authentic portrayal of these racially diverse women. 

In August 2022, ACTRA collaborated with Reelworld to have ACTRA members from across the country who identify as Black, Indigenous, Asian and Women of Colour participate in focus groups contributing to this important research from a performer’s perspective.  

ACTRA Members Nicola Correia-Damude, Mariah Inger, Koumbie, Tina Keeper, Emily Piggford and Angela Moore with Tonya Williams at the in-person Town Hall for Reelworld’s #HerFrameMatters Protocol Guideline, in October 2022.

Short Film Script Competition

The ACTRA National DEIB Committee held two competitions where ACTRA Members were invited to draw from their personal experiences and submit a script that answered a specific diversity question. Successful candidates were provided with funding to create a short film based on their winning script.

DEIB Committee Short Film Competition 1.0

A Token Asian
By ACTRA Manitoba member Alan Wong.
Diverse World
By ACTRA Toronto member Kristina Esposito.
Hearing Diversity
By ACTRA Manitoba member Fernando Dalayoan
Dressed to Impress
By ACTRA Saskatchewan member Dawn Bird.

DEIB Committee Short Film Competition 2.0

Family Tree
By ACTRA Maritimes Member Gordon Patrick White
Give Physical Diversity a Shake
By UBCP/ACTRA Member Darren Howarth-Chapel
Drum with Us
By ACTRA Ottawa Member Christine Mao